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Constitution of the Russian Federation

Coat of Arms of the Russian FederationAfter remaining largely untouched for the first two decades of its existence, the Constitution of the Russian Federation of December 12, 1993 has been the object of several amendments since the beginning of 2014. The most controversial of these amendments paved the way for the incorporation of the Crimean peninsula among the subjects of the Russian Federation, following that region's break-away from neighboring Ukraine (on March 16, 2014) in the wake of political crisis triggered by the downfall of the government of President Victor Yanukovych.

The move attracted harsh criticism, especially from the West, and triggered economic sanctions from both the European Union and the United States. Other constitutional reforms concerned the merger of the Commercial Arbitration Court with the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and the reform of the Federation Council to include representatives of the Russian Federation in the upper chamber that are appointed and dismissed by the President of the Russian Federation.

This release includes the updated text of the Russian constitution with all amendments up to July 22, 2014 and a revised Introductory Note that puts the recent amendments, and the legal implications of the Crimean crisis, into context. The 1994 Federal Law on the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and an updated Select Bibliography complete the release.

Image by Федеральный конституционный закон. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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