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Political Constitution of the Republic of Nicaragua

Coat of arms of Nicaragua

The constitutional reforms voted by Nicaragua’s National Assembly on January 29, 2014, are the most comprehensive for more than two decades. The amendments have removed the constitutional limits on the re-election of the President and the Vice-President. They have also introduced other novelties, some of them of an ideological nature (including “Christian values” and “socialist ideals” among the fundamental principles of the State, recognizing “mother earth” as a subject of dignity), others of an institutional character (creating a new jurisdiction for administrative law disputes and a new body for judicial self-administration). This update includes the English text of the Nicaraguan Constitution of 1989 with all amendments up to February 2014, based on the Spanish text published in La Gaceta, Diario Oficial of February 18, 2014. An Introductory Note commentary summarizes the evolution of the 1986 Constitution and provides a survey of its main principles and institutions, and a Select Bibliography provides a list of relevant publications on the constitutional law of Nicaragua.

Image by C records [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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