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The Iowa State Constitution (Second Edition)

By: Todd E. Pettys

We are pleased to present The Iowa State Constitution (Second Edition) by Todd E. Pettys, a completely new and thoroughly updated volume of the Iowa Constitution. From the Introduction: “The story of the Iowa Constitution takes one on a journey through some of the most important transitions in American legal and political history—the transitions from the twilight years of Jacksonian democracy to the rise of the Republican party, from an era of explicit discrimination on the basis of race and sex to an era of textually proclaimed legal equality, and from skepticism about banks and paper money to reliance upon a national currency, to name just a few. Of course, Iowa’s constitutional story is also rooted in the particularities of Iowa itself, beginning with Iowans’ early geographic ambitions and the political commitments of the state’s first generation of leaders."

Part I of this book broadly sketches the Iowa Constitution’s origins and evolution. Part II turns to the history and meaning of each of the constitution’s individual provisions. A brief bibliographic essay then introduces readers to the many resources available to those studying the Iowa Constitution. In the Table of Cases, the reader will find full citations to all of the cases referenced in the book.

Click below to read Pettys’ analysis and commentary about Iowa’s Judicial Department, Article V of the Iowa Constitution.

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