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January 2017 Update

January 24, 2017

This month, Oxford Constitutions of the World adds 11 new constitutional documents covering 1 country and 6 subnational jurisdictions. 

New and Updated Jurisdictions

Document Title Country Subnational Jurisdiction/Special Sovereignty
State of Western Australia: Introductory Note Australia  Western Australia
Constitution of the Province of San Juan: April 23, 1986 (as Amended to May 19, 2011) Argentina                 San Juan
The Province of San Juan: Introductory Note Argentina                   San Juan
Constitution of the State of Penang: 1957 (as Amended to August 16, 2007) Malaysia  Penang
The State of Penang: Introductory Note Malaysia                    Penang
Constitution of the Republic of Malawi: May 16, 1994 (as Amended to 2010) Malawi                    
The Republic of Malawi: Introductory Note                                                                         Malawi   
The Republic of Malawi: Select Bibliography                                                                         Malawi   
Constitution of the State of Minnesota                                                                         United States              Minnesota
Constitution of the State of Arizona                                                                         United States               Arizona
Constitution of the State of Kansas                                                                         United States              Kansas