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The Canton of Aargau: Introductory Note »

Philip Raworth
Edited By: Philip Raworth
The Canton of Aargau lies in the north of Switzerland. It is bordered on the north by Germany, on the west by the Cantons of Basle-Country, Solothurn and Berne, on the south by the Canton of Lucerne and on the east by the Cantons of Zug and Zurich. Aargau has a land surface of 1,404 square kilometers (542 square miles), making it the tenth largest canton, and a population of 581,562, making it the fourth most populous canton. The capital of Aargau is Aarau. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the territory making up Aargau was ruled in turn by the von Wetterau...

Constitution of the Canton of Aargau: September 28, 1980 (as Amended to September 1, 2008) (Switzerland [ch]) »

Constitution of Aargau »

Edited By: Philip Raworth
THE PEOPLE OF AARGAU, With the intention of: Assuming responsibility before God for humanity, society and the environment; Constructing the Canton in its unity and diversity; Defending liberty and the law in the framework of a democratic order; Furthering the wellbeing of all; Facilitating the development of the person as an individual and as a member of society; Committing the Canton to active involvement in the consolidation and development of the Swiss Confederation; GIVE THEMSELVES THE FOLLOWING CONSTITUTION. State power emanates from the people. It is...