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Rule Book of Alherramp Ilewerr Mamp Arrangkey Tywerl Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC: August 27, 2013 (Australia [au]) »

Edited By: Kirsty Gover
The Alherramp/Rrweltyapet, Ilewerr, Mamp/Arrwek, Tywerl, Arrangkey, Anentyerr/Anenkerr and Ntyerlkem/Urapentye estate groups have been the traditional owners of land in and around Napperby Perpetual Pastoral Lease (PPL) since the Altyerr. Our traditional law and culture has been handed down to us by our parents and grandparents through the generations and we are one people, united in our law and culture. This corporation, the Alherramp Ilewerr Mamp Arrangkey Tywerl Aboriginal Corporation, is to become our registered native title body corporate, to act as our agent...