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Constitution of the Republic of Abkhazia: November 26, 1994 (as Amended to October 3, 1999) (Abkhazia (disputed)) »

Constitution of Abkhazia »

Edited By: Philip Raworth
Adopted by the 12-th session of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Abkhazia on the 26th of November 1994 and approved by referendum on the 3rd of October 1999 with an amendment adopted by referendum on the 3rd of October 1999. We, the people of Abkhazia, exercising our right to self-determination, aspiring to promote general welfare, internal tranquility, respecting human rights and freedoms and establishing civil peace and harmony, solemnly proclaim and institute the Constitution of the Republic of Abkhazia. The Republic of Abkhazia (Apsny) is a sovereign,...

The Republic of Abkhazia: Introductory Note »

Philip Raworth
Edited By: Philip Raworth
Abkhazia is bordered on the east and southeast by Georgia, on the south and southwest by the Black Sea and on the north and northeast by the Russian Federation. It has a surface area of 8,600 square kilometres (3,320 square miles) and a population, according to the 2012 estimate, of 242,862. The capital and largest city is Sukhumi. The official languages are Abkhaz and Russian. The present area constituting Abkhazia was once part of the ancient and mythical kingdom of Colchis. In the first century AD, it came under Roman influence and later that of Byzantium. In...