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Aruba: Chronology »

Reffik Meeng, Ger van der Tang
Edited By: Philip Raworth
1986 January 1: Aruba's "status aparte" enters into force January 3: The Aruban cabinet proclaims referendum The government of Henny Eman announced that the people would decide by referendum whether they wanted Aruba to be an independent state or not. January 5: Minister De Koning on Aruba After his arrival in Willemstad (Curaçao), the Dutch Minister of Antillian and Aruban Affairs, De Koning, declared that the decision that Aruba would leave the Kingdom in January 1996 could only be revoked by unanimous consent of the eight parties that made that decision in...

Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands: October 1954 (as Amended to September 9, 2010) (Netherlands [nl]) »

Edited By: Philip Raworth
The Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, noting that the Netherlands, Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles expressed freely their will to establish a new constitutional order in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in which they will conduct their internal interests autonomously and their common interests on a basis of equality and will accord each other assistance, and resolved to adopt the Charter for the Kingdom; noting that the ties with Suriname under the Charter were terminated as of November 25,1975 by means of an amendment to the Charter by Kingdom...

Constitution of Aruba (Ab. 1985 No. 26): August 9, 1985 (Netherlands [nl]) »

Edited By: Philip Raworth
All persons on Aruba shall be treated equally in equal circumstances. Discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief, political opinion, race, sex, color, language, national or social origin, the belonging to a national minority, property, birth or on any other grounds whatsoever shall not be permitted. All Netherlanders shall be equally eligible for appointment to public service. Everyone shall have the right to inviolability of his person, without prejudice to restrictions laid down by or pursuant to Land Ordinance. Capital punishment cannot be imposed. 1....

The Kingdom of the Netherlands: Introductory Note »

Philip Raworth
Edited By: Philip Raworth
Until recently, the Kingdom of the Netherlands was composed of three Countries: the Netherlands proper, Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles, which comprised the islands of Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. In 2008, agreement was reached between the parties for a new structure for the Kingdom. As from 2010, the Netherlands Antilles ceased to exist and Sint Maarten joined the Netherlands, Aruba and Curaçao as equal countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba became Dutch municipalities and thus an integral...