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Articles on Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law

The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law launched on April 27, 2017 with 70 articles. Approximately 80-100 articles will be added throughout the course of each year until the full complement of over 570 planned articles—currently being authored, peer-reviewed, edited, and prepared for publication—is reached.

Browse the current list of 111 published articles below. *** Denotes a newly published article. You may download a complete list of proposed articles by clicking here.

No. Article Title Author(s)
0012 Autochthonous Constitutions Peter C Oliver
0017 Drafting of Constitutions*** Joel I Colón-Ríos
0019 Express Recognition of Deity in Constitutions Jaclyn Neo
0021 Imposed Constitutions (Constitutions Octroyées) Yasuo Hasebe
0024 Legal Effect of Constitutions Elena Bindi and Mario Perini
0044 Weimar Constitution (1919) Astrid Wiik
0067 Abortion Radhika Rao
0068 Right to Access to Information Lana Ofak
0071 Protection and Status of Animals Jessica Eisen and Kristen Stilt
0073 Freedom of Art Eleni Polymenopoulou
0078 Bioethics Fruzsina Molnár-Gábor
0081 Rights of Children Warren Binford
0091 Corruption and Bribery Siyuan Chen and Yi Siong Sui
0095 Data Protection FruzsinaM olnár-Gábor
0096 Death Penalty Siyuan Chen and Yi Siong Sui
0105 Right to Education Matan Gutman and Yoram Rabin
0116 Right to a Fair Hearing In Administrative Law Cases Swati Jhaveri
0124 Right to Food Mathilde Cohen
0125 Right to Freedom Fernando Simón Yarza
0127 Gender Discrimination Gautam Bhatia and Jimena Suarez Ibarrola
0130 Hate Speech Uladzislau Belavusau
0135 Individual Rights Fernando Simón Yarza
0149 Right to Intellectual Property Enyinna Nwauche
0153 Suspension of the Political Rights of Prisoners Pablo Marshall
0156 Right to Privacy Anna Cornell
0170 Right to Security Liora Lazarus
0172 Social Rights David Landau
0176 Tolerance Irene Spigno
0194 Administrative Disputes in Civil Law Jurisdictions Lana Ofak
0200 Amparo José María Serna de La Garza
0205 Authoritarianism Gábor Attila Tóth
0227 Commerce and Trade Gonzalo Villalta Puig
0244 Devolution John Hopkins
0252 Primary Education Pablo Meix Cereceda
0256 Elections Sara Pennicino
0263 Enumerated Powers in Federal Systems*** Giacomo Delledonne
0265 Protection of the Environment Lana Ofak
0272 Extradition Trina Malone and Michael Waibel
0279 Federalism Mahendra Prasad Singh
0285 Exclusive and Shared Competences in Federal Systems José María Serna de La Garza
0288 Judicial Systems in Federal Systems Gabrielle Appleby and Erin F Delaney
0289 Political Philosophy of Federalism Robert Schütze
0291 Representation of Component Federal Units in Federal Systems Jan Amilcar Schmidt
0294 Types of Federalism Nicholas Aroney
0296 Loyalty Towards Federation Michèle Finck
0301 Foreign Affairs Helmut Philipp Aust
0307 Theories Concerning the Hierarchy of Norms Cesare Pinelli
0308 Horizontal Application Christopher Unseld
0311 Impeachment Ronald Ray K San Juan and Bryan Dennis G Tiojanco
0335 Limits on Access to Judicial Review Steven D Schwinn
0336 Judiciary Norikazu Kawagishi
0356 Dissolution of the Legislative Body Giacomo Delledonne
0363 Liberalism Massimo Fichera
0365 Local Government Elena Vodyanitskaya
0381 Militias Niccolò Ridi
0384 History and Theory of Mixed Governments Cesare Pinelli
0390 History and Concepts of Emergency Giacomo Delledonne
0396 Neutrality Ioannis A Tassopoulos
0397 No Confidence Vote Anna Dziedzic
0401 Ombudsman W John Hopkins
0405 Pardon Power Andrew Novak
0407 Parliamentary Committees Helle Krunke
0408 Parliamentary Monarchy Rainer Grote
0409 Parliamentary Privileges David Clark
0410 Parliamentary Systems Rainer Grote
0411 Principle of Participation John Morison and Adam Harkens
0414 Plebiscite Francesco Biagi
0430 Presidential Systems Kevin Y L Tan
0459 Secession Elisa Novic and Priya Urs
0468 Socialism Fernando Muñoz
0488 Supremacy / Primacy Maria Elvira Méndez Pinedo
0493 Freedom of Teaching Valentina Cardinale
0494 Regulation of Telecommunication Yasuo Hasebe
0500 Universalism Matthias Mahlmann
0519 Supreme Court of Argentina (Corte Suprema de Justicia de la Nación) Sebastian Elias
0522 Supreme Federal Tribunal of Brazil (Supremo Tribunal Federal) André Nunes Chaib and Gilmar Ferreira Mendes
0524 Constitutional Court of Colombia (Corte Constitucional De Colombia) David Landau
0527 Constitutional Council of France (Conseil Constitutionnel) Guillaume Tusseau
0528 Federal Constitutional Court of Germany (Bundesverfassungsgericht) Dieter Grimm
0531 Supreme Court of Israel (Beit HaMishpat HaElyon) Suzie Navot
0532 Constitutional Court of Italy (La Corte Costituzionale Della Repubblica Italiana) Justin O Frosini
0533 Supreme Court of Mexico (Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación) José María Serna de La Garza
0538 Constitutional Court of Taiwan (Judicial Yuan)*** Wen-Chen Chang
0541 Supreme Court of the United States Charles H Baron
0543 Beit Sourik Village Council v Government of Israel and Commander of the IDF Forces in the West Bank Case (Isr)*** Isaac Becker and Yoram Rabin
0544 Brown v Board of Education of Topeka Case (US) Stephen M Feldman
0548 Citizens United v Federal Election Commission Case (US) Robert A Sedler
0550 Decision T-025 (2004) (Colom) David Landau
0551 Decision T-426 (1992) (Colom) David Landau
0552 Bush v Gore Case (US) Rafael A Porrata-Doria Jr
0554 IC Golak Nath and Others Case (India) Arghya Sengupta
0556 Lüth Case (Ger) Stephan Jaggi
0557 Marbury v Madison Case (US) Sam Kalen
0559 New York Times v Sullivan Case (US) Adrienne Stone
0560 Public Committee against Torture in Israel v State of Israel Case (Isr)*** Yoram Rabin and Assaf Meydani
0562 R v Sparrow Case (Can) Geneviève Murray
0564 Roe v Wade Case (US) Merle Weiner
0566 S v Makwanyane and Another Case (S Afr) Georgia Alida du Plessis
0571 Relation of Constitutional Courts to Supreme Courts*** Giacomo Delledonne
0572 Relation of Constitutional Courts / Supreme Courts to ECtHR Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou and Natasa Mavronicola
0592 Magna Carta (1215) Rainer Grote
0597 Mizrahi Bank Case (Isr) Suzie Navot
0598 Ban on Political Parties Justin O Frosini and Sara Pennicino
0622 Chinese Constitutionalism: Five-Power Constitution Ernest Caldwell
0631 Supreme Court of Japan (Saikō-Saibansho) Hans-Peter Marutschke
0638 Spanish Constitution (1812) Gonzalo Villalta Puig
0639 Ottoman Constitution (1876) Ergun Özbudun
0652 Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Rights James R May and Erin Daly
0670 Critical Legal Studies and Comparative Constitutional Law Maxim Bönnemann and Laura Jung
0676 Supranational Constitutional Courts Federico Fabbrini and Miguel Poiares Maduro
0759 Economic Freedom Fighters and Others v Speaker of the National Assembly and Others Cases CCT 143/15 and CCT 171/15 (S Afr) Francois Venter