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Updating Program

What is contained in US Constitutional Law?

US Constitutional Law aims to include the most comprehensive reference resource available on the historical development of American constitutionalism at the federal and state levels. It will feature primary archival materials alongside expert commentary to provide an overview of the political and legal background and development of the Constitution.

New materials will be added regularly each year, while commentaries will be regularly updated to reflect the latest judicial and legislative developments.


  • An annotated text of the Federal Constitution; the full text of every State Constitution, relevant constitutional materials governing US dependencies.
  • Superseded versions of constitutions. When constitutions are updated in the product, the prior version is retained to allow for historical comparative research.


  • At launch: Article-by-article commentaries on State Constitutions published in Alan Tarr’s Oxford Commentaries on the US State Constitutions series.
  • To come in 2015: Howard Gilman and Mark Graber’s American Constitutionalism will feature articles providing encyclopedic coverage of the development of national constitutional law.

Primary Documents

  • To come in 2015: The first volumes of Howard Gilman and Mark Graber’s American Constitutionalism series, providing an extensive documentary archive on the whole history of American constitutionalism. The first volumes will feature documents from the colonial era and founding.
  • To come in 2015: The updated new edition of Neil Cogan’s The Complete Bill of Rights, the most exhaustive materials available for understanding the background and original intent to the Bill of Rights.
  • To come in 2015: Further reference works including Schwartz’s Unpublished Opinions series.