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Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law [MPECCoL]

Spanish Constitution of 1812

Gonzalo Villalta Puig

Spanish Constitution (1812) — Constitutional design — Principles and objectives of constitutions
1. The Spanish Constitution of 1812 ( Constitución política de la Monarquía Española ): 19 March 1812 (Spain) was Spain’s first constitution. A liberal constitution, it drew inspiration from the constitutional texts of the American Revolution and French Revolution. The Spanish Constitution of 1812, in turn, inspired other liberal constitutions of the period, including the Constitution of the Kingdom of Norway: 17 May 1814 (Nor) , the Portuguese Constitution of 1822: 23 September 1822 (Port) and the Mexican Constitution of 1824: 4 October 1824 (Mex) . It was...
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