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The Iowa State Constitution, 2nd Edition by Pettys, Todd E (9th February 2018)


From: The Iowa State Constitution (2nd Edition)

Todd E. Pettys

I am grateful to many people for the roles they played in helping me bring this book across the finish line. Thanks to Gail Agrawal, Eric Andersen, Barry Butler, and the Iowa Board of Regents for supporting my work on the manuscript; to Blair and Joan White and their sons, Blair and Brian, who created the chair that I am privileged to hold at the University of Iowa College of Law; to everyone at the University of Iowa Law Library and the State Historical Society of Iowa for fielding my questions and helping me chase down sources; to Pat Bauer, Marvin Bergman, Arthur Bonfield, Bill Hines, Shelly Kurtz, Caroline Sheerin, and Joe Yockey for critiquing drafts or talking with me about particular features of Iowa law; to Ross Andrews, who served as my energetic research assistant; to Alan Tarr, who brought me together with Oxford University Press for this project and served as my principal editor; and to Tony Lim and his colleagues at Oxford for their assistance and their faith. Most of all, I thank Caroline Sheerin and Lily Pettys Sheerin for the innumerable ways in which they sustain me.(p. xvi)