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Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments - The Limits of Amendment Powers by Roznai, Yaniv (16th February 2017)

Part III Enforcing Constitutional Unamendability, Conclusion

From: Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments: The Limits of Amendment Powers

Yaniv Roznai

In 1948, Kurt Gödel, the famous Austrian logician, applied for naturalization as an American citizen. Preparing for the citizenship examination, Gödel thoroughly studied American history and the US Constitution. One day, Gödel called his friend, Princeton University mathematician Oskar Morgenstern. Years later, Morgenstern described the conversation that he had with Gödel: [Gödel] rather excitedly told me that in looking at the Constitution, to his distress, he had found some inner contradictions and that he could show how in a perfectly legal manner it would be...
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