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Constitutional Adjudication in Africa edited by Fombad, Charles M (31st August 2017)

Part 2 Archetypal Examples of Different Models of African Constitutional Adjudication, 3 The Cameroonian Constitutional Council: Faithful Servant of an Unaccountable System

Charles M Fombad

From: Constitutional Adjudication in Africa

Edited By: Charles M Fombad

The introduction of a new system of constitutional review in Cameroon, particularly after the post-1990 wave of liberal constitutional reforms in Africa, could have been seen as a signal of the country’s firm commitment to constitutionalism and respect for the rule of law. On the contrary, the 1996 constitution and the constitutional review system which it provides for is the embodiment of paradoxes and contradictions. While in the 1990s most of Francophone Africa followed the lead of Benin to modify, adjust, and adapt the inherited French Constitutional Council...
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