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Constitutional Adjudication in Africa edited by Fombad, Charles M (31st August 2017)

Part 2 Archetypal Examples of Different Models of African Constitutional Adjudication, 6 Constitutional Adjudication in Nigeria: Formal Structures and Substantive Impact

Ameze Guobadia

From: Constitutional Adjudication in Africa

Edited By: Charles M Fombad

The adoption by Nigeria of the presidential system under a written constitution between 1979 and 1983 1 and, from 1999 to date, has resulted in an upsurge in constitutional litigation. Two fundamental features of the ensuing system of governance that have given stimulus to this development are: (a) the division of the powers of governance between the three branches of government under a system of separation of powers; and (b) the division of legislative powers between a central government and constituent states under a federal system. The relationships attendant...
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