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Isle of Man Constitution Act 1990 (as Amended to 2008) (Isle of Man [im])

© Crown Copyright
Received Royal Assent: 14 March 1990 Passed: 15 May 1990 Commenced: See section 11 AN ACT to provide for the election of a President of Tynwald, and that the Governor shall cease to preside at ordinary sittings of Tynwald; and for connected purposes. (1) The Governor shall preside at that part of a sitting of Tynwald at St. John’s which takes place on Tynwald Hill for— 1 Subs (1) substituted by Constitution (Amendment) Act 2005 s 1. (1A) Nothing in this section or section 4 affects the right of Her Majesty to preside in person, or to authorise any other person to...
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