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The United Mexican States: Select Bibliography

Rainer Grote
Edited By: Max Planck Institute

© 2017 Oxford University Press
José de Jesús Covarrubias Dueñas , Historia de la constitución política de México (siglos XX y XXI) (Editorial Porrúa, Mexico City 2004). Charles C. Cumberland , Mexican Revolution: The Constitutionalist Years (University of Texas Press, Austin & London 1972). Jaime E. Rodriguez , The Divine Charter—Constitutionalism and Liberalism in Nineteenth Century Mexico (Rowmann & Littlefield Publishers, Lanham 2005). Diego Valadés , Examen retrospectivo del sistema constitucional mexicano—a 180 años de la Constitución de 1824 (Universidad Nacional Autónoma, Mexico City...
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