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MPECCoL April 2019 Update

April 29, 2019

For April 2019, the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law adds nine new articles to the collection, taking the total to 181. To view the full list of published articles, click here.

New articles

Title Author
Interpretation of Constitutions Rainer Grote
Methodologies of Comparative Constitutional Law: Historical Approach Felix Lange
Censorship Eleni Polymenopoulou
Right to Sanitation Jimena Suárez Ibarrola
Acta iure gestionis and acta iure imperii Charlene Sun and Aloysius Llamzon
Executive Privilege Lisa Webley and Virginia Williams
Distribution of Powers in Federal Systems Peter Bussjaeger and Mirella Johler
Constitutional Courts / Supreme Courts, General Virgílio Afonso da Silva
Natural Law Theories and Constitutionalism Fernando Simón Yarza