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MPECCoL June 2023 Update

June 21, 2023

The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law has added 4 new articles to the collection and amended 4 articles, with the total number of articles now at 359.

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Updated articles

No. Title Author
0673 Constitutions and Sharia Provisions Valentina Rita Scotti
0589 Islamic Constitutionalism Valentina Rita Scotti
0471 Spending Power Guilherme Augusto Azevedo Palu
0687 Women’s Suffrage Valentina Rita Scotti


New articles

No. Title Author
0393 Natural Resources Oliver C Ruppel and Ruda Murray
0347 Official Languages Maria Bertel and Esther Happacher
0685 Suffrage Helle Krunke and Sune Klinge
0633 Virginia Declaration of Rights (1776) Rafael David Loaiza Bigott