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MPECCoL February 2024 Update

February 15, 2024

The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law has updated four articles and added three new articles, with the total number of published articles now at 384.

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Updated articles

No. Title Author
802 Constitutional Court of Hungary (Magyarország Alkotmánybírósága) Katalin Kelemen and Max Steuer
263 Enumerated Powers in Federal Systems Giacomo Delledonne
287 Fiscal Federalism Chanchal Kumar Sharma and Alice Valdesalici
363 Liberalism Massimo Fichera

New articles

No. Title Author
570 Functions of Constitutions Till Patrik Holterhus and Sven Siebrecht
734 Right to Access to (Online) Media Matthias C Kettemann, Thilo Goeble, and Felicitas Rachinger
847 Transformative Constitutionalism Gaurav Mukherjee