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December 2017 Update

January 2, 2018

For December 2017, Oxford Constitutions of the World (OCW) adds 7 new constitutional documents covering 3 new subnational jurisdictions and 1 US state, in addition to 1 new monograph.

Updated Jurisdictions 

Document Title Country Subnational Jurisdiction / Special Sovereignty
Constitution of the State of Maryland: September 18, 1867 (as Amended to November 8, 2016) United States Maryland
Political Constitution of the State of Sinaloa: June 22, 1922 (as Amended to April 7, 2016) Mexico Sinaloa
The State of Sinaloa: Introductory Note Mexico Sinaloa
Constitution of the State of Trujillo: November 30, 2000 Venezuela Trujillo
The State of Trujillo: Introductory Note Venezuela Trujillo
Constitution of the State of Yaracuy: December 30, 2002 Venezuela Yaracuy
The State of Yaracuy: Introductory Note Venezuela Yaracuy

New Monographs 

Book Title Author ISBN
The Iowa State Constitution (2nd Edition) Todd E. Pettys 9780190490836