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New Articles Update

June 14, 2019

For May 2019, the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law added ten new articles to the collection, taking the total to 191. To view the full list of published articles, click here.

New articles

Title Author
Philosophical Foundations of Natural Rights John Martin Gillroy, Oran Doyle
Administrative Control Zoltán Szente
Chamber of Deputies Graham Butler
Types and Effects of Emergency Alan Greene
Concept and Types of Environmental Rights John Martin Gillroy, Joel Blaxland
Theory of Positive Law Wálber Araujo Carneiro
AWACS I (Ger) Katja S Ziegler
Clerks of Constitutional Courts / Supreme Courts Akiko Ejima
Constitutional Adjudication of the Privy Council P Sean Morris
Independent Jamaica Council for Human Rights Ltd and Others v Marshall-Burnett Case (Privy Council UK) P Sean Morris