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The matching documents are listed on the results page(s).

The number of results appears at the top of the list.

Each result consists of (where relevant) the name of the matching document, the editor or author, the content type, OUP reference, the OXCON product in which it appears, jurisdiction, date, subjects, the ISBN and a snapshot of the matching text:

image of search results


To view any result, click on its title.

The results list is on the right with the navigation pane on the left. From this pane you can narrow your results by product, content type, jurisdiction, book title, author or date. In the example below, the results will be restricted to the Bibliographies content type:

image of results filtered by bibliographies

• Search within results. To do this, input your search term(s) into the box and click 

Change the result view to display no detail, some detail or full detail:


• Display up to 100 items per page:


• Change the results sort order:


• Jump to results:


• Change the results pagination:




Clearing results filtering

At the top of the results page is a ‘breadcrumb trail’ link which matches the sorting applied to your results:

Alternatively, click Clear All to remove all filters applied to results to return back to the original results list.

More information: