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US Constitutional Law (USC) provides a comprehensive research resource on the law, politics, and history of constitutionalism in the United States at the federal and state levels. Combining extensive primary materials with expert commentary, the service provides researchers with unparalleled access to the historical development of federal and state constitutionalism.

At launch, the resource features the full text of current and historical state constitutions as well as the Oxford Commentaries on the State Constitutions of the US series, offering article-by-article commentaries on every State Constitution, tracing their historical development.

This site is powered by the Oxford Law Citator, so that researchers can instantly follow citations between documents, while a powerful browse functionality allows users to look across resources by subject, jurisdiction, and chronology.

Moving forward, US Constitutional Law will be continuously expanded and updated with a rich archive of primary materials and secondary literature covering the full historical sweep of American State and Federal constitutionalism. The resource will be invaluable to all students, researchers, and lawyers looking to understand American Constitutionalism whether they are inside or outside the US.

Key Features

  • Article-by-article commentaries on the history and current practice of every State Constitution provide valuable context to constitutional documents
  • Features the full text of current and historical State and Federal constitutions facilitating research and analysis of these texts over time
  • Sophisticated search and browse functionality allows users to view the full range of materials, or drill down into particular series, subjects, or jurisdictions
  • Powered by the Oxford Law Citator, a groundbreaking research navigation tool providing direct links between all constitutions, commentaries, and supplementary materials, ensuring that all relevant content is easily discoverable and accessible
  • Fully integrated with Oxford Constitutions of the World enabling a simple research journey across all of Oxford's constitutional law products, improving overall research results

Obtaining Access to USC

Subscriptions and 30-day free-trials are available to institutions for all of our resources.

If you are an academic, professional or student, you can recommend USC to your Librarian.