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Celebrating MPECCoL 300th Article

The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law is a comprehensive database of contributions written by constitutional experts from all over the world, which deals with the historical, sociological, and economic foundations of constitutional law, the main methodological questions of comparative constitutional law, and the structures, principles, and institutions of positive constitutional law. 

Since 2017, the objective of the Encyclopedia has been to overcome the geographical and ideological differences frequently encountered in comparative constitutional studies through a truly global approach. Today, we proudly celebrate the publication of the Encyclopedia’s 300th article. Looking back, we believe that the choice of entries and the selection of authors reflects the diversity of constitutional conceptions and ideas existing in the globalised world of today. This milestone has been achieved largely thanks to the generous commitment of our international Advisory Board, composed of experts in various fields of constitutional law, whose advice is vital for securing the high quality of articles in the Encyclopedia. 

Going ahead, the Encyclopedia will continue to cover the central questions of global scholarship on constitutional law in the 21st century. On this occasion, we would like to thank both the members of the Advisory Board for their continued support and the authors for contributing to the project. 

Dr. Ana Harvey (Managing Editor) on behalf of the General Editors

To celebrate the success of this important milestone, we present a selection of key articles contained within MPECCoL and made them freely available for a limited time only:

To find out more about the extensive resources offered by MPECCoL and to see a full list of currently available articles, click here.

Constitutional scholars and practitioners who are interested in contributing to the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law may direct their inquiries to contact@mpeccol.de.