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Latin American Constitutionalism, 1810-2010: The Engine Room of the Constitution

Roberto Gargarella


The book studies 200 years of Latin American constitutionalism (1810-2010). It both presents a description and a critical analysis of what Latin Americans did with their Constitutions during those years. The book pays particular attention to the “founding period” of regional constitutional (1850-1880) and the region’s obsession with the constitutionalization of social rights, since the beginning of the 20 th Century. The core of the book, however, resides in the study of the “new wave” of constitutionalism that began at the end of the 20 th Century, and the surprising lack of attention from legal reformers with regard to the “engine room” of the Constitution, this is to say, their negligence regarding the reforms demanded by the existing (concentrated, vertical, malfunctioning) organization of power.

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Roberto Gargarella, author

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