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Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law [MPECCoL]

Powers and Jurisdiction of Constitutional Courts / Supreme Courts

Peter Bussjaeger, Mirella Johler

From: Oxford Constitutions (http://oxcon.ouplaw.com). (c) Oxford University Press, 2021. All Rights Reserved.date: 20 June 2021

Judicial review — Powers and jurisdiction of constitutional courts/supreme courts — Types of constitutional courts/supreme courts

General Editors: Rainer Grote, Frauke Lachenmann, Rüdiger Wolfrum.
Managing Editor: Ana Harvey

1 The research aim to compare constitutional courts and supreme courts (both might be summarized as last-instance courts) touches upon a number of issues relevant for comparative constitutional law, such as the civil law–common law divide, constitutionalism, court organization, or the division of powers, both horizontally (legislative, executive, and judiciary) and vertically (ie a federal division of powers). Even though history suggests that a migration of constitutional ideas (Perju 1304 et seq) has spread those ideas on a global scale (borrowing and migration...
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