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Constitutional Conflicts in Contemporary Malaysia (2nd Edition)

H P Lee


This book explores how the separation of powers doctrine in Malaysia has been adversely affected by a number of major constitutional conflicts among the various important organs of government. The book first analyses the struggle by parliament for supremacy over the Malay Rulers or Sultans by expunging the need for the royal assent to the enactment of legislation and removing royal immunity. The book then turns to the contemporary role of the Malay Rulers and the reasons for their perceived rejuvenation. The book goes on to examine the series of controversies and scandals that have plagued the judiciary since the tumultuous judiciary crisis of 1988, and the efficacy of the reforms that have been introduced to restore public confidence in the judiciary. These conflicts and a number of statutory enactments are analysed to determine their effect on the state of constitutionalism in Malaysia. The book concludes with some thoughts on the trajectory of constitutional development in Malaysia.

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H P Lee, author

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