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Part Two The Indiana Constitution and Commentary, Art.V Executive

From: The Indiana State Constitution

William P. McLauchlan

From: Oxford Constitutions (http://oxcon.ouplaw.com). (c) Oxford University Press, 2021. All Rights Reserved.date: 08 May 2021

The executive power of the State shall be vested in a Governor. He shall hold his office during four years, and shall not be eligible more than eight years in any period of twelve years. (Amended November 7, 1972) This section creates the office of the chief executive of the state, the governor. The separation of powers is inherent in the function of each branch of government (Carlson v. State ex rel. Stodola, 1966). The executive power is vested solely in the governor, as a coequal branch of government under the Separation of Powers provisions of Article III...
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